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Hello and welcome! We have created this web site in order to share information about our family and those people around us with the general Internet community. We hope you enjoy what you learn on our site.

I grew up (for the most part) in the greater St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, Michigan, area, about 20 miles from the Indiana border, on Lake Michigan. This followed hopping around the country, to such varied places as Honolulu, Hawaii, Groton, Connecticut, Three Rivers, Michigan and Zion, Illinois. After college, however, I settled in the western Chicago, Illinois, suburbs, and currently in Bartlett. I still maintain a lot of connections to Michigan, as I still have a large family presence in the state of Michigan, especially in the Kalamazoo area. (Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo....) Also, I have several family members spread throughout the state (including our best friends and their children, who I am being especially derelict in my duties of watching in the photo to the left. :-) )

In 1999, I graduated from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree with a concentration in Computer Systems Engineering. Along with my degree, I also completed minors in Mathematics and Computer Science. Previously, I attended Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, Michigan, where I received an Associate in General Studies degree through their pre-engineering program in 1996.

I'm currently employed at Navistar in Lisle, Illinois (A western suburb of Chicago), where I work as a Vehicle Electrical Systems Integration Engineer, working on integrating electrical systems for Global Bus programs and designing next generation electrical architectures.

In the past, I have also worked in information technology, most notably at Southwestern Michigan College where I was a PC Technician and Network Administrative Assistant for five years. I have also taught at the collegiate level, teaching a course in Microcomputer Operating Systems, again at SMC. See my resume for more information.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on the computer by learning about different operating systems, as well as working with new and different applications. I have been known to spend far too much time thinking about work (at least Erin thinks so... :-))

My wife, Erin, was born in the Chicagoland area, and spent most of her childhood living in Downers Grove.

She also graduated in 1999 from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, concentrating in Comparative Politics and International Relations. We met during the last several weeks of our time at WMU, as our best friends started dating.

She is employed at Flexible Benefit Service Corporation in Rosemont, Illinois (very near O'Hare Airport) as a New Business Administrator, processing new insurance applications before submission to the insurance carrier.

In her spare time, she enjoys redecorating various rooms throughout our house, as well as spending time volunteering at the West Suburban Humane Society, working to take care of pets that need homes.

Lily came to us through Erin's volunteering at WSHS. She came in having gone through a couple of shelters and Erin fell in love with her, and she with us. She came to live with us in August of 2005.

She spends most of her time sleeping on various couches and beds in our house (depending on what trips her trigger at the moment,) eating us out of house and home, and barking at anything that moves (especially the vacuum cleaner :-) )

In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her stuffed bunny, as well as with tennis balls of any kind. She also really enjoys Dingo treats.

Please feel free to browse around the site or the photo gallery. If you have any questions or comments, please click on the "Email" link to send me a message. Thanks for visiting!

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